Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District  

The Board of Directors meet first Wednesday monthly.
The Public is encouraged to attend.

Next Board Meeting:

May 3, 2017
2:00 pm
Sierraville Ranger District Conference Room
Sierraville, CA  96126

SVRCD Board of Directors

Dave Goiceochea, Chairman
Rick Roberti, Vice Chair
Lewis Van Vleck Secretary/Treasurer
Jeff Carmichael, Director
John Roen, Director

Carol Dobbas, Sierra Valley Ranch Lands Project Manager
Victoria Fisher, Long Valley Agriculture Improvement Project Manager

Sierra Valley RCD
PO Box 882
Loyalton, CA  96118
SVRCD Director site visit.
RCD Directors are volunteer
agricultural landowners who
provide expertise and
guidance for local resource
conservation programs and
Public Outreach Events.
Good resource conservation
strategy is reliant on local input
from landowners, decision
makers, agency partners, and
other important stakeholders
within a rural community.
Local events help bring everyone
together to exchange ideas for
future planning.
About Us
Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District
As a member of the dual county WEED Management Group, Sierra           
Valley RCD participated in an information booth at the Sierra County Fair.