The Carman Creek Watershed Forest Ecosystem Health
    Improvement  Project is a coordinated effort by  the Sierra
    Valley Resource Conservation District and the Tahoe National
    Forest, Sierraville Ranger District.  The project is funded, in part,
    by a Prop 84 Grant awarded by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.  
    These valuable partners have a great history of successful
    project completions; resulting in numerous valuable watershed
    improvements within the Carman Creek Watershed since 2000.
Project Reports, Maps and Photos will be posted soon.
Carman Creek Restoration
Phase II is completed.

Thank You to:

Sierraville Ranger District
and TNF Project Manager
for their valuable
partnership on this

Project Contractors for a
job well done!

A complete project update
will be posted soon.
Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District
Carman Creek Watershed & Forest Improvement Project
Pre-project site tour